Evaluation of Arabian Asphalt Binder for Low -Temperature Cracking Behavior


R. Rarnadhan, H. I. AI-Abdul Wahhab, I A. Al-Dubabe, and 1. M. Asi



The rheological properties of asphalt binder have a great influence on the asphalt pavement performance particularly in terms of rutting, thermal and fatigue cracking. The current asphalt specifications, such as those used in Arabian Gulf countries, arc based on conventional consistency tests which are focused on the workability of asphalt, during the construction of pavements. These methods do not have the capability to predict pavement behavior and performance. This study is an effort to address the importance of adopting newly developed asphalt specification tests by the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP), to characterize and evaluate the Arabian Gulf produced asphalts in terms of low-temperature cracking. The major finding of this study was that all Arabian Gulf asphalts can satisfactorily withstand the low temperature effect prevailing in the area.