An Investigation on Clegg Impact Hammer in Saudi Arabia


Ibrahim Mohammad Asi Hamad 1. A1-Ahdul-Wahllab

And Omar S. Baghahra Al-Amoudi




The new methodology of Clegg Impact Hammer has recently been developed in Australia as a fast, cost effective and an easy-to-operate method that was clamed to be a potential alternative to the CBR test in both the laboratory and the field. There is, however, scarce information regarding this supposition; particularly its generalization to different types of soils. This paper summarizes the results of using a calcareous soil, known as marl, at three different compactive efforts to develop a comparative study between the CBR and the Clegg I impact tests. Results of this investigation indicate that the Clegg Impact Values (CIV) correlate very well with the CBR values. The best correlation was, however, obtained after the fourth blow.