Name              MOSTEFA BOUCHAMA

Position           Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering

                        King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

                        Dhahran, Saudi Arabia


1.1  Personal

            Date of Birth                 :           17 March, 1950

            Place of Birth                :           El Ksar, Algeria

            Status                           :           Married, 2 children

            Nationality                    :           Algerian

            Address                       :           King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

                                                            KFUPM Box 2037

Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia

Phone   :  00966-3-860-3630 (office)

:  00966-3-860-5558 (home)

Fax      :  00966-3-860-5558

E-mail  :

Website :

Fluent Languages          :           English, French, and Arabic

Hobbies                       :           Swimming, Tennis and Jogging

1.2  Education

            1984/1987             Master of Science in Industrial Technology with a concentration in CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing) from Eastern Michigan University, Michigan, U.S.A.


            1976/1978             Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma, U.S.A.


            1972/1975             Diplome de Technicien Superieur in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Ecole National Superieure d’Enseignement Polytechnique, Oran. Algeria.

1.3  Employment

            1989-Present         King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

                                          Teaching Engineering Graphics, Computer Graphics and Descriptive    Geometry.

                                          Software used: AutoCAD2005, GDS (Graphic Design System), WebCT.

       1987/1988             Taught Printed Circuit Board Design, Computer and Engineering Graphics.

            1985/1986             Eastern Michigan University

                                          Industrial Technology Department Lab Assistant for Robotics and Engineering Graphics courses.


            1981/1984             National Institute of Electricity and Electronics.


            1979/1981             Ecole Superieure de l’Air, Military Service, Algeria  Air-Force.Taught calculus and engineering graphics.


2.1  Courses Taught

                        CE 101  Engineering Graphics with AutoCAD Program.

                        CE 213  Computer Graphics

2.2  Course Coordination

                        CE 101  Engineering Graphics

2.3  Course and Program Development

               -        Developed the course text and workbook for CE 101 (Engineering Graphics), 1994.

               -        Developed a new laboratory manual for Engineering Graphics with AutoCAD, 2004.

2.4  Short Courses & Training Program

            1.      Conducted a short course on Engineering Graphics for Hadeed Company Personnel, Jubail, 2000.


            2.      Conducted a short course on AutoCAD for Civil Engineering Faculty, CE Department, KFUPM, 2001.


3.            Participated as a lecturer in the training program

Courses taught  :   Engineering Graphics, Descriptive geometry, AutoCAD14, Electrical Drafting, Pipe Drafting and Trigonometry.                  


            1.      Penetration of a Rigid Body into a Soil Medium. For SABIC  Company,

                     November-December 2003.


            2.         Development of Computer Program for Precast Concrete Elements, for INCO Company, July 2003.


            -        Catering assistant manager in charge for inventory at Hoytt Center, Ypsilanti, Michigan, 1986/1987.


            -        Member of the S.M.E. (Society of Manufacturing   Engineering), 1976/1978.


            -        Presented a technical paper on printed circuit boards at Algiers, 1983.


            -        Attended the AutoFAct4, CAD/CAM Conference at the University of Philadelphia, USA, 1983.


            -        Attended a seminar on Computer Graphics at the University of Houston, USA, 1978.

            -        Attended a seminar on Professionalism at the University of Missouri, Rolla, USA, 1978.


5.1  University/College Committees

            -        Special Function Committee (College)                     Member             1998/99

            -        Security and Health Committee                               Member             2000/Present

            -        Special Function Committee (College)                     Member             2003

            -        Special Function Committee (College)                     Member             2004

5.2  Departmental Committees

            -        Laboratory Committee                                            Member             1989/91

            -        Computer Committee                                             Member             1991/92

            -        Textbook Committee                                              Member             1991/96

            -        Departmental Activities Committee                          Chairman

            -        CE Promotion Committee                                       Member             1996/98

            -        Civil Engineering Department Web Master              2000

            -        Departmental Activities Committee                          Chairman           2000

            -        Departmental Activities Committee                          Chairman           2000

            -        CE Promotion Committee                                       Member             1998/2003

            -        Laboratory Committee                                            Chairman           2003

            -        Textbook Committee                                              Member             2003

5.3  Other Academic Activities

            -        Graphics courses coordinator and group convener, 1991/Present

            -        Advisor for freshman engineering students, 1992/2000

            -        CE PC Labs Coordinator