Date of Birth         :       January 2nd, 1956G (Jumada I 18th, 1375H)


            Nationality            :       Saudi


            Status                   :       Married, seven children (Doa’a, Abdallah, Asma, Abdul-Rahman, Somayyah, Aasia and Arwa) 


            Present Address    :       Assistant Dean for Continuing Education

                                                Deanship of Educational Services

                                                KFUPM Box 5077

                                                King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

                                                Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia


                                                Telephone:     +966-3-860‑2268 (Office)

                                                                     +966-3-860-1234 (Deanship)

                                                                     +966-3-860‑5803 (Residence)

                                                                     +966-2-671-5408 (Parents’ Res., Jeddah)

                                                Mobile:          +966-50-575-8489

                                                Fax No.:        +966-3-860-4770 & 4046 (Direct)  


                                                Web Page: