Presented four seminars as part of the annual series of seminars for the Dept. of Civil Engg., KFUPM (CE 599):‑


               1‑      “Materials Research of the Structures Division in the CE Dept.” ‑ Nov. 1984.


               2‑      “Overview of Research Activities in the National Project for the Study of Cracking in Concrete Bridges” ‑ Feb. 1986.


               3‑      “Non‑Destructive In‑Situ Testing Techniques for Concrete Bridge Decks” ‑ Nov. 1987.


               4‑      “Diagnostic Evaluation of the Rumah Bridge Deck ‑ A Case Study” ‑ May 1989.


            Presented a seminar entitled:

                        “Offshore Platforms: A University Point of View”.

            This seminar was part of a two‑day symposium and exhibit on offshore platforms; organized by the Technical Services Department, ARAMCO, Dhahran, Nov. 1983.


            Coordinated and participated in presenting a half day symposium on:

                        “The Cracking of Concrete Bridges in Saudi Arabia”

            Ministry of Communications ‑ Riyadh ‑ Feb. 1986.

            (Attended by over 75 MOC engineers & officials).


            Coordinated and presented a series of lectures over two days (Career Week) highlighting the various specialties within the College of Engineering.  The lectures were directed to  the orientation students prior to their selection of majors ‑ (Assignment by the Dean of Engg.) ‑ March 1988.

            Presented a short lecture on:

                        “Research on Concrete Bridges in Saudi Arabia”

            in honour of the visiting Danish Minister of Transport ‑ Riyadh, April 1988.


            Presented two seminars on Concrete Bridges at the University of Oxford and the University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST) upon invitation by the British Council Collaborative Exchange Program (Summer 1989).


            Presented a seminar entitled:

                        “Diagnostic Analysis & Repair of Corrosion Damaged Concrete Bridges”

            Ministry of Communications ‑ Riyadh ‑ Feb. 1990.





            Attended over 15 conferences/symposiums to present paper and/or to participate in discussions (see list of conference publications (3.3)).


            Organised, chaired, and co‑chaired several technical sessions at the “Offshore Week”, hosted by the Dept. of Civil Engg., UPM, April 1983.


            Participated as UPM liaison for the organization of the First Saudi Engineering Conference, Jeddah, 1984.


            Participated in the organization of the Second Saudi Engineers Conference, Dhahran, 1986, as:


                        1‑ Member of Papers Selection Committee.

                        2‑ Member of Registration Committee.


            Co‑chaired two technical sessions at the Second Saudi Engineers Conference, Dhahran, 1986.


            Presented “Summary Report” for two sessions on Highway Bridges at the closing  ceremony of the 3rd IRF Regional Conference in Riyadh, Feb. 1988.



 Continuing Education (Short Courses)


            Developed, coordinated and participated as instructor in the following list of short courses:


               1‑      “Design of Highway Bridges” ‑ 1983 (This was the first course offered by the  Dept. of Civil Engg. under the present Program for Continuing Education) ‑ Coordinator & Instructor.


               2‑      “Analysis & Design of Highway Bridges” ‑ 1984 ‑ Instructor.


               3‑      “Design, Evaluation and Repair of Highway Bridges” ‑ 1986 ‑ Coordinator & Instructor.


               4‑      “Problems of Concreting & Concrete Durability in Saudi Arabia” ‑ 1986 ‑ Instructor.


               5‑      “In‑Situ Non‑Destructive Testing of Concrete” ‑ 1987 ‑ Instructor.


               6‑      “Building Maintenance: Design and Operational Strategies” ‑ March 1990 ‑  (offered by College of Environmental Design) ‑ Instructor.


               7‑      “Inspection, Evaluation, Repair & Rehabilitation of Concrete Bridges” ‑ March 1990 (Offered in collaboration with the British Council) ‑ Coordinator & Instructor.



  Review Work


            Reviewed one technical paper for possible publication in the Arabian Journal for Science  and Engineering.


            Reviewed several research proposals and progress reports for funded projects on behalf of the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Riyadh.


            Reviewed several papers for Second Saudi Engineers Conference, 1985.


            Reviewed three papers for Third IRF Regional Meeting in Riyadh, 1988.