May 1969-Sept. 1969  Summer Training Program


                        Fiafi Trading and Contracting Company‑Kuwait.  Supervisor in a precast concrete plant for producing paving tiles, curb‑stones, cable‑cover tiles, etc.



            June 1970-June 1971   Construction Site Engineer


                        Al‑Sager & Al‑Khalid Construction Company (Kuwait).  In‑charge of concrete works on a major road construction project in Al‑Salmiyaih, Kuwait.



            Nov. 1972-May 1974    Construction Resident Engineer


                        Ministry of Electricity & Water ‑ Government of Kuwait.  In‑charge of supervising the construction of several concrete structures to house high voltage electrical transformer stations (132 KV ® 33 KV).


            May 1974-July 1975   Director of Civil Engg. Division


                        Director of Civil Engg. Division for the “High-Voltage Network Directorate” ‑ Ministry of Electricity & Water ‑ Government of Kuwait.  In‑charge of construction & maintenance of buildings and facilities for housing high voltage transformer stations.  The division comprised of six engineers, eleven technical supervisors, handled contracts worth about 2.2 million KD annually.



            July 1975-June 1976   Engineering Consultant


                        Saudi Development Fund, Government of Saudi Arabia.  Supervision of construction of several residential & commercial buildings for compliance with fund regulations as well as with the standard codes of practice.