Served as Chairman or Member of various departmental committees with an average of two committees per academic year.


               1‑      Textbook Committee (chairman for two years).

               2-      Coop Committee (chairman for two years + member for two years).

               3-      Planning Committee (chairman for two years + member for three years).

               4‑      Student Activities Committee (member for two years).

               5‑      CE Club Advisor (one year).

               6‑      Departmental Activities Committee (member for two years).

               7‑      Laboratory Committee ‑  Coordinator for the Structural Analysis Lab. since 1987.





               1‑      Member Library Committee (1981‑82).

               2‑      Member Student Affairs Committee (1982‑83).

               3‑      Member Housing Subcommittee ‑ Faculty & Personnel Committee ‑ Representing College of Engg. (1982‑83).

               4‑      Member Admissions and Academic Standing Committee (1983‑84).

               5‑      Member Bids & Tenders Committee (1983‑85) ‑ two years.

               6‑      Chairman Safety, Security & Health Committee (1985‑86).

               7‑      Chairman Community Affairs Committee (1986‑1993) ‑ seven years.





            Served as chairman or member of various ad‑hoc committees appointed by Rector,  Vice‑Rector for Academic Affairs, Secretary General, Dean of Engg. and Chairman of  Civil Engg.  Durations of these ad‑hoc committees ranged from few weeks to several months.