Thesis Supervision:


1. As a Member:


 a) MS Thesis:


1.       "Variational Finite Element Solution For the Navier Stokes Equation in Two Dimensions," MS Thesis by Abu Nasser Khondaker, Dr. Farookh Mohsen, Principal Advisor (Completed Spring 1985/86).

2.       "Tertiary Wastewater Treatment by Direct Filtration,"  MS Thesis by Mohammad Al-Sawaf, Dr. Hammer, Principal Advisor (Completed Spring 1985/86).

3.       "Trihalomethanes (THMs) Formation in a Distillation Process," MS Thesis by Bassam Tawabini, Dr. Hraj Khararjian, Principal Advisor (Completed Fall 1986/87).

4.       "Tertiary Wastewater Treatment by Sedimentation & Sand Filtration," MS Thesis by Suhail Ahmad, Dr. Mark Hammer, Principal Advisor (Completed Fall 1986/87).

5.       "Numerical Modeling of Alat, Khobar and Umm Er Radhuma Aquifer System in Eastern Saudi Arabia," MS Thesis by Mohammad Rasheeduddin, Dr. Hasan Yazicigil, Principal Advisor (Completed Fall 1986/87).

6.       "Evaluation of Water Quality in KFUPM Drinking Water System,” MS Thesis by Sayed Hasan, Dr. Shawkat Farooq, Principal Advisor (Completed Spring 1986/87).

7.       "An Experimental Model Study to Investigate the Effect of Scale on Dispersion Characteristics in Chlorine Contact Chambers," MS Thesis by Suhail Mitha, Dr. Farookh Mohsen, Principal Advisor (Completed Fall 1986/87).

8.       "Use of Microtubes in the Design of Optimized Trickle Irrigation Network," MS Thesis by Mohammad Ibrahim, Dr. Farookh Mohsen, Principal Advisor (Completed Fall 1988/89).

9.       "Tertiary Treatment of Municipal Sewage Via Slow Sand Filtration," MS Thesis by Samir Adham, Dr. Shawkat Farooq, Principal Advisor (Completed Spring 1988/89).

10.   "Performance of Slow Sand Filters in Treating Secondary Effluent Using Different Sizes of Local Sand,"  MS Thesis by A. K. Al-Yusef, Dr. Shawkat Farooq, Principal Advisor (Completed Spring 1989/90).

11.   “Estimation of Groundwater Resources of Wadi Al-Miah Area, Eastern Saudi Arabia by Numerical Techniques using Hydrological & Geophysical Parameters” MS Thesis by Ayaz Hasan, Dr. Abdul-Latif Qahwash, Principal Advisor (Completed Fall 1994/95).

12.  “Multi Objective Water Resources Planning Under Demand, Supply and Quality Uncertain

tiesMS Thesis by Mohammad Mujtaba Shareef, Dr Mohammad Zahrani, Principal Advisor (Completed Fall 1997/98).

13.  “Development of An Equivalent Dispersion Coefficient for a Complex Contaminant Transport Model” MS Thesis by Abid Maqsood Ahmad, Dr. Mohammad Al-Suwaiyan, principal advisor (Completed Fall 2001/02)

14.   “Risk and Hydraulic Reliability Analysis of Water Distribution Systems” MS Thesis Juned Lahiq Syed,  Dr Mohammad Al Zahrani, Principal Advisor (Completed Spring 2003)

15.   “Locating Booster Disinfection Stations in Al-Khobar Water Distribution System” Ms Thesis by Naeem Akhtar, Dr. Mohammad Al Zahrani, Principal Advisor (Competed Spring 2003))

16.   “Effect of Rate of Water Table Rise on LNAPL Entrapment in Uniform and Well-Graded Sands” MS Thesis by Mu’azu Nuhu Dalhat, Dr. Mohammad Al- Suwaiyan, Principal Advisor (Completed Spring 2005)









b)  Ph.D. Dissertation:


1.       "Effect of Dissolved Oxygen On the Adsorptive Capacity of Activated Carbon," Ph.D. Dissertation by Nabil Said Abu-Zeid, Dr. Girgis Nakhla, Principal Advisor (Completed Spring 1992/93)

2.      “Treatment Of Water Contaminated With Dimethyl Phthalate By Feton, Photo-Feton And UV/H2O2 ProcessesPh.D. Dissertation by Bassam Shafiq Al-Tawabini, Dr Mohammad Al-Suwaiyan, Principal Advisor (Completed Spring 2002)

3.       “Study of Reaction of a Submerged Membrane Activated Sludge Process” PH,D Dissertation by Iqbal Basha Kalyandurg, Dr. Mohammad Malak, Principal Advisor.

4.       “Assessment of the Relationship Between Spilled Hydrocarbon Volume & its Thickness in Monitoring Wells Considering the Water-Table Fluctuation History” PH,D Dissertation by Mohammad Saleem, Dr. Mohammad Al- Suwaiyan, Principal Advisor.


2. As Principal Advisor:


a) MS Thesis:


1.       "Effect of Denitrification on Dispersion of Nitrate in Saturated Porous Media," MS Thesis by Mohammad Niaz (Completed Fall 1986/87).

2.       "Investigation of Leachate from a Sanitary Land Fill in Saudi Arabia," MS Thesis by Ramzy Hejazi (Completed Spring 1988/89).

3.       "Status of Hydrological Networks in South-Western region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," MS Thesis by Abdulla Al-Zahrani (Completed Fall 1989/90).

4.       "Numerical Simulation of Groundwater in the Umm Er Radhuma Aquifer at Shadco Project Area, Eastern Province,"  MS Thesis by Rajai Al-Assar (Completed Fall 1991/92).

5.       "Chemical Analysis of Al-Khobar Aquifer in the State of Bahrain," MS Thesis by Jalal Imbrahim Sharida (To be completed Fall 1992/93).

6.      “ Numerical Simulation of Factors Causing Groundwater Depletion in Al-Hassa Area”MS Thesis  by Jamal Qubaiah (Completed Spring 1994).


b) Ph.D. Dissertation:


1.       "Solution of the Transport Equation by the Collocation Method in Conjunction with the Adaptive Hermite Element Family," Ph.D. Dissertation by Mohammad Bhuiyan (Completed Spring 1988/89).

2.       "Modeling of Aggressive Solute Transport in Porous Media," PH.D Dissertation by Abu Nassir Khondaker (Completed Spring 1990/91).

3.       "Effect of dissolved oxygen and other factors on bioremediatioon of gasoline contaminated sandy aquifer," Ph.D. Dissertation by Mohammad Niaz (Completed in Spring May 1994/95)).

4.       “Unsteady Hydrodynamic Forces on Spheroidal Bodies”, Ph.D. Dissertation by Rajai Samih Al-Assar (Competed Spring 1996/97).


3 As Co Advisor


       “Treatment of Water Contaminated With Dimethyl Pathalate by Fenton, Photo-Fenton and   UV/H2O2 Processes” Ph.D. Dissertation by Bassam Tawabini (Completed Spring 2002)


4 As External Examinor

     Mr. Mohammad Al-Subaini, External Examiner, MS Thesis King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

 2.      Mr. Mohammad Al-Murad, External Examiner, MS Thesis Arabian Gulf University, Kingdom  of Bahrain.