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c. Funded Research


·         Co-Investigator "Nitrogen Removal of Compartmentalized Activated Sludge Process," Hraj Khararjian, Principal Investi­gator, KACST ( Formerly SANCST ) Extension Grant # AR-3-16


·         Principal Investigator "Optimum Development of Ground-Water Resources in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia," with H. Yazicigil and R. de Jong,  KACST Research Grant # AR-5-112


·       Principal Investigator "Alternative Strategies in Water Resources Development," with R. de Jong and W. Selen, KACST Research Grant # AR-6-134


·       Member “Natural Perils Exposure to Saudi Arabia NCCI-Research Institute. Project No. 24132


·       Program Manager “Contaminant Transport Model for the Ras Tanura Groundwater Investigation” Saudi ARAMCO-Research Institute. Project No. 24150



·         Member “Corrosion Research Project” The Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu-Research Institute. Project No. 25057


·     Member “Meteorological and Air Quality Baseline Studies” Saudi Consolidated Elecrical Company-Research Institute. Project No. 24149


·       Program Manager “Investigation of Ambient Concentrations of Auto Emissions in Three Major Cities” Saudi ARAMCO-Research Institute. Project No. 24162