Journal of Hydrology
Volume 107, Issue 1-4, 1989, Pages 193-222  

Numerical modeling of a multi-aquifer system in eastern Saudi Arabia

Rasheeduddin, M1.Show author details, Yazicigil, H2.Show author details, Al-Layla, R.I2.Show author details Correspondence address

1)      Arriyadh Development Authority, PO Box NO. 495, Riyadh 11411, Saudi Arabia, 2) Civil Engineering University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia



A numerical quasi-three-dimensional groundwater flow model was constructed for a multi-aquifer system in eastern Saudi Arabia to determine the hydraulic properties of the system and to evaluate the consequences of various development alternatives. The aquifers modeled were the Alat, the Khobar and the Umm Er Radhuma of Paleocene-Eocene age, which are hydraulically connected with intervening aquitards. Steady-state and transient model calibrations demonstrated considerable spatial variations in transmissivities of the aquifers and vertical leakances of the aquitards. The reliabilities of these parameters were checked through sensitivity analysis. The model results have confirmed the hydraulic interaction between the aquifers via intervening aquitards. The calibrated model was subsequently utilized to predict responses of the aquifers over a planning horizon of 14 years (1987-2000) under three development alternatives. -from Authors