ICS 101 - Computer programming

Lab # 6

( Functions ) II






 Intrinsic (built-in) Functions


    Function     Function Value      Comment
    SQRT(X)      Square Root of X  X is a real argument
    ABS(X)      Absolute Value of X  
    INT(X)      Integer Value of X  Converts a real to an integer
    REAL(K)      Real Value of X  Converts  an integer to a real
    MOD(M, N)      M - M / N * N  Modulo function




 Statement Functions









fname is the name of  the function

a list of arguments is the optional list of dummy arguments

expression computes the function value



Exercise 1


Write a program which prompts for and reads a positive integer N. It then calls a logical statement function MLTPL3 which returns the value .TRUE . if the integer N is divisible by 3. The program then prints one of the following messages DIVISIBLE BY 3 or NOT DIVISIBLE BY 3 accordingly.




Exercise 2


Write a function subprogram COST that computes the cost of postage according to the following: 2.50 Riyals for any weight equal to or less than a kilogram. Every additional kilogram is charged 3.0 Riyals , plus 100 Riyals extra charge If the customer wants fast delivery. The arguments to the function are the weight of the package and a logical variable FAST indicating fast delivery. Write a main program to test the function.




Exercise 3


A function f (x, y) is defined as:



                      (x2+ y2 ) / (x - y)           if x    y

     f(x,y) =  

                      2x2 + y + 3                     if x = y


Write a main program to read X and Y and print the value of f(X,Y). The value should be computed by a function subprogram invoked by the main program.

Test your program with the following data:

    4. 0          2 .0

    6. 5          3. 5

    2 . 0         7. 0