ICS 101 - Computer programming

Lab # 11







One dimensional array can be passed to a subprogram or can be used locally within a subprogram. In both cases, the array  must be declared within the subprogram.




Write a program, which reads a 1-D INTEGER array of size 6 it then prints the product of the positive elements (i.e. elements greater than zero) in the array. The product must be computed by an INTEGER function PRDCT invoked by the program.


 Use the data: -2     3     2     5     -4     2


Your output should be:







        Following is the output of the program.






Exercise 1


Write a function that takes a 1-D integer array and returns the average of its elements.

Then write a main program that reads a 1-D integer array of size 6, calls the Function

and prints the average of the elements of the 1-D array.


Use the data:

2          4          10          8          5          3


Your output should be:

the average of the elements =          5.333333



Exercise 2


Write a program that reads the grades of a number of students that does not exceed 20. The program should then pass these grades to a subroutine that computes and returns: (1) the maximum grade and, (2) the number of grades below the average . The values returned to the main program should then be printed.