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Instructor: Dr. Hasan M. Al-Ahmadi
Office Location: Bldg. 16, Room 103
Phone: +966-3-860-4269

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Course Description: 
The purpose of the course is to look to the historical background of transportation planning "the traditional four-step process"; urban transportation planning processes; data needs; behavioral travel-demand modelling.  Personal computer package will be used in this course.


Textbook:       Modelling Transport, 3rd edition
                        by Juan de Dios Ortuzar and Luis G. Willumsen


Other References:

  1. Stopher, Peter, R. and Arnim, H. Meyburg, Urban Transportation Modeling and Planning, Lexington Books, 1975.

  2. "Quick Response Urban Travel Estimation Techniques and Transferable Parameters User's Guide", National Cooperative Highway Research Program Report No. 187, Transportation Research Board, Washington, D.C., 1978.

  3.  "Application of Disaggregate Travel Demand Models" NCHRP Report No. 253, Washington, D.C., 1982.

  4.  "New Approaches to Understanding Travel Behavior", NCHRP Report No. 250, Washington, D.C., 1982.

  5.  Hensher, David A. and Lester W. Johnson, "Applied Discrete Choice Modeling", Holsted Press, New York, 1981.

  6.  Ben-Akiva, Moshe and Steven R. Lerman, Discrete Choice Analysis Theory and Application to Travel Demand, MIT Press, Massachusetts, 1985.

  7.  Meyer, Michael D. and Eric J. Miller, Urban Transportation Planning, A Decision-Oriented Approach, McGraw-Hill Book, 1989.

  8.  Kanafani, Adib, Transportation Demand Analysis, McGraw-Hill, 1983.

More readings will be assigned from other references and notes during the semester.

Grading System:

H.W 10%
Term Project 15%
First Major Exam 20%
Second Major Exam 25%
Final Exam 30%
Total  100%


Topics to be covered 

# of Hours

Page #
Introduction to LIMDEP Software 2  Program Manual  
Systems Analysis and Principles of Modeling in Transportation 3 Stopher 15-95

The Urban Transportation-Planning Process 



Inventory & Land-Use Forecasting Stopher 69-109
Trip Generation 3 Text + Notes 113-147
Trip Distribution 3 Text + Notes 151-183
Modal Split 3 Text + Notes 187-202
Traffic Assignment 3 Text + Notes 287-319
Critique of the Conventional Urban 2 Stopher  219-229

Transportation-Planning Process Demand Theory

5 Text + Kanafani 323-353 (11-53)
Urban Passenger Travel Demand 6 Text + Kanafani 353-386 (87-117)
Analysis of Travel Choice 3



Disaggregate Travel Demand Modeling

5 Text +NCHPP # 25
# 253


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