Ph.D. Supervision:


             1.         Othman Esam, Computational OF Transport Modeling, Completed, January 2008.


             2.         Aliyu M. Shazali, Computational Chemo-Damage Transport Modeling of Durability Synergies in Concrete, Member, October 2004.


             3.         M. Gholam Ali, Criteria for Cathodic Protection of Steel in Cement Concrete in Context of Arabian Gulf Environment, Member, July 1991.


             4.         Syed Ehtisham Hussain, Mechanism of High Durability Performance of  Plain and Blended Cement, Member, July 1991.


             5.         Abdullah Y. Talib, Evaluation of Silica Fume Blended Cement for Durable Reinforced Concrete in the Arabian Gulf Environment, Co-Supervisor, Catholic University of America, Washington, October 1996.