M.S.  Thesis Supervision

                        1.        Dia-eddin Nassani, Effect of Curing Methods on Concrete Properties,” Supervisor, May 2007.


                        2.         Mohammed Azhar, “Evaluation of Ternary Cements for Improving Concrete Durability,” Member, May 2007.               


                        3.         Asif Raza, Moisture Transport and Shrinkage in New Generation Concrete, Member, January 2006.


                        4.         Mohammad Ismail, Improving Performance of Damaged FBECR in Chloride, Supervisor, June 2005.


                        5.         Aliyu M. Shazali, “Computational Chemo-Damage Transport Modeling of Durability Synergies in Concrete,” Member, October 2004.


6.         Salman, Zafar, “Influence of Temperature & Wind on Moisture Transport in Cementitious Materials,” Member, December 2003.


7.         Ali Gulam Akber, “Modeling of Chloride Diffusion in Microsilica Concrete,” Member, In progress.


8.         Azhar Syed Ayub, “Prediction Model for Residual Flexural Strength of Corroded Reinforced Concrete,” Member, In progress.


                        9.         M. Hameeduddin, Evaluation of Repaired Column Strength, Supervisor, June 2002.


                        10.       S. Omran, “Chloride Diffusion and Prediction of Reinforcement Corrosion in Microsilica,” Member, In progress.


                        11.       Mohammad Ibrahim, Evaluation of Penetrating Sealant Effectiveness for Concrete Protection,  Supervisor, August 1996.


                        12.       Mohammad Sharafuddin, Effect of Casting and Curing Temperature on the Properties of Concrete,” Member, June 1996.


                        13.       Mohammad Abdulwarith, Plastic Shrinkage Cracking in Hot Weather Conditions, Co-Supervisor, April 1996.


                        14.       Bassam Mahmood Tahir, Concrete Repair with Silica-Fume Shotcrete, CEM Dept., Co-Supervisor, June 1995.


                        15.       Abdul Rauf Aziz, Reduction in Bond and the Strength of Slab due to Corrosion of Reinforcement, C.E. Dept., Member, October 1994.


                        16.       Abbas A.M.F.R. Qureshi, Optimization of Continuous Post-Tensioned Bridge Deck of Prescribed Lengths, C.E. Dept., Member, March 1994.


                        17.       Adel A. Al-Barrak, The Causes of Business Failure Among the Eastern Province Contractors, Construction Engineering & Management, CED, Member, June 1993.


                        18.       Mostafa Hasanain, Design Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Frames, C.E. Dept., Supervisor, June 1992.


                        19.       Emad Abul-Feilat, Design Optimization of Partially Prestressed Concrete Beams, C.E. Dept., Co-Supervisor, January 1991.


                        20.       Ahmad Al-Ustadh, Crack Injection Repair, C.E. Dept., Member, June 1990.