King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

Department of Civil Engineering



(CE 511)



Instructor : Dr. Ahmad S. Al-Gahtani

Office No. : 16-132

Office Phone : 2220

Office Hours : To be announced in class

Text Book : Matrix Analysis of Framed Structure by Weaver & Grey

Structural Analysis by Neville


No. of

Lectures TOPICS

1 Introduction to the Course


1 Concepts of Indeterminacy


3 Seminars for review of Analysis Methods (presented by students)


3 The Flexibility Method of Analysis


1st Major Exam


11 The Stiffness Method of Analysis:


-         Planar Orthogonal Frames & Continuous Beams

-         Planar Non-Orthogonal Frames

-         Three-Dimensional Structures


2nd Major Exam


6 Stability of Planar Structures


2 Energy Methods


2 Introduction to Structural Dynamics


1 Introduction to the Finite Element Method



Course Requirements & Grading:


1st Major Exam 20%

2nd Major Exam 20%

Homework 20%

Term Project 20%

Final Exam 20%