Research Projects:




                        1.   “Diagnostic Evaluation & Repair of Deteriorated Concrete Structures in Saudi Arabia”, Part II, P.I.,   

                                KACST Project AR-9-066.


                        2.   “Improving the Performance of Damaged FBECR in Chloride Contaminated Concrete, P.I., SABIC, FT.


                        3.   “Chloride Diffusion and Prediction of Reinforcement Corrosion in Microsilica,” Co-I, SABIC.


                        4.   “Desalination of Chloride Contaminated Structures for Corrosion Protection, Co-Investigator, KACST.


                        5.   “New Cement Specification for Durable Concrete in Saudi Arabia”, Co-Investigator, KACST Project  



                        6.   Al-Musallam, A.A., Al-Gahtani, A.S., Dakhil, F.H., Maslehuddin, M. and Mukarram, M.K., “Plastic Shrinkage Cracking in Concrete under Local Environmental Conditions and its Mitigation”, proposal submitted to KACST,       May 1995.



                              Independent Projects:


                        1.   "Evaluation of Epoxy Coated Rebars", Sabbatical Leave Project, 1996.     


                        2.   "Mix Design Methods for Gulf Environments Using Local Materials".


                        3.   "Cathodic Protection Criteria for Blended Cements in the Gulf



                        4.   "Pore Solution Studies of Hydrated Cement Pastes".


                        5.   "Software for Design Optimization of Structural Systems".


                        6.   "A Photoelastic Investigation of Stresses in Skew Plate".