Educational History



1966-1971                   :   Ali Ibn Abitalib Elementary School


1971-1973                   :  Al-Namothajiah Intermediate School


1973-1975                   :  Al-Hofuf Secondary School


1975-1980                   :  University of Petroleum & Minerals

                                       Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

                                       Degree Earned:  Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

                                       Date:  June 1980


1980-1982                   :   University of Petroleum & Minerals

                                        Degree Earned:  Master of Science in Structures - Civil


                                        Date:  September 1982

                                        Major:  Structural Engineering

                                        Thesis:  Influence Functions in the Numerical Analysis

                                                     of Bending of Thin Elastic Plates


1983-1988                   :   North Carolina State University at Raleigh

                                        Degree Earned:  Ph.D.

                                        Date:  May 1989

                                        Major:  Solids and Structure Mechanics

                                        Minor:  Materials

                                         Dissertation:  A Comparative Analysis and Assessment of

                                                              Different  Microscopic Plasticity Theories as

                                                              Applied to the Tension-Torsion Test of Thin-

                                                              Walled Tubes at Finite Strain

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