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Funded Projects

Funded Research Projects

1.     "Thermal Design and Air-Conditioning Operation Strategies of Mosques in Hot-Humid Climates of the Kingdom", Project funded by King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST): A 3-years project with a total fund of S.R. 719,000. Starting date is 1/1/1420 H (April 6, 2000 G). (Principal Investigator)

2.     "Thermal Conductivity Measurements of Common Insulating Materials under Different Operating Conditions", Project funded by The Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC): A 1-year project with a total fund of S.R. 63,000. (Co-Investigator)

 Special Funded Projects

1.     Manager, Project on: the Assessment of Higher Education in Hail Region, funded by the High Commission for the Development of Hail Region (September, 2005 - March, 2006), (SR 340,000). 

2.     Project on: Developing Strategic Plan for Higher Education in the Kingdom, funded by the Ministry of Higher Education (August 2005- August 2008), (SR 43 million).

         Leader, of the Quality & Scientific Team;

         Leader, of the Research & Innovation Team;

         Member of the Technical Steering Committee.

3.    Member, Project on: Reviewing and Assessing Academic Programs of the Arab Open University (AOU), Saudi Arabia, funded by The AOU (April-July, 2005), (SR 200,000). Completed.

4.     Member, the Teaching & Learning Group, Project on: Developing Strategic Plan for KFUPM, funded by KFUPM (September, 2004- June 2005), (SR 700,000). Completed.

5.     Member, Project on: Developing Performance Measures and Indicators for KFUPM, 2003/2004. Completed.

6.      Leader, the E-Business Group, and Member, the Steering Committee of the Project on: Developing National Information Technology (IT) Plan for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, funded by KFUPM for the Royal Court: An extensive 5-month project, (August-December 2001), (SR 700,000). Completed.

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