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Associate Professor | Architectural Engineering Department

Funded Projects and Masters Theses Supervision

  Funded Research Projects:
  • "Thermal Design and Air-Conditioning Operation Strategies of Mosques in Hot-Humid Climates of the Kingdom", Project funded by King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST): A 3-years project with a total fund of S.R. 719,000. Starting date is 1/1/1420 H (April 6, 2000 G). Completed 2005. (Principal Investigator)
  • "Thermal Conductivity Measurements of Common Insulating Materials under Different Operating Conditions",Project funded by The Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC): A 1-year project with a total fund of S.R. 63,000. Completed(Co-Investigator)

Special Funded Projects:

  • Manager, Project on: the Assessment of Higher Education in Hail Region, funded by the High Commission for the Development of Hail Region (September-March, 2005). Completed.
  • Project on: Developing Strategic Plan for Higher Education in the Kingdom, funded by the Ministry of Higher Education (August 2005- --). In Progress.
  • Leader, of the Quality & Scientific Team;
  • Leader, of the Research & Innovation Team;
  • Member of the Technical Steering Committee.
  • Member, Project on: Reviewing and Assessing Academic Programs of the Arab Open University (AOU), Saudi Arabia, funded by The AOU (April-July, 2005). Completed.
  • Member, the Teaching & Learning Group, Project on: Developing Strategic Plan for KFUPM, funded by KFUPM (September, 2004- June 2005). Completed.
  • Member, Project on: Developing Performance Measures and Indicators for KFUPM, 2003/2004. Completed.
  • Leader, the E-Business Group, and Member, the Steering Committee of the Project on: Developing National Information Technology (IT) Plan for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, funded by KFUPM for the Royal Court: An extensive 5-month project, August-December 2001. Completed.

Master Theses Supervision

Role/Student Name

Thesis Title




Mousa Mudhaffar Khan

"Assessment of Safety Measures in the Design of Residential Buildings in Saudi Arabia"


Khurshid Alam Siddiqui

"The Impact of Building Rezoning and Change of Use on Thermal Comfort and Energy Consumption"


Imran Iqbal

"The Impact of HVAC System Selection and Operation on Energy Conservation in Office Buildings in  Hot and Humid Climate of Saudi Arabia"

2004/ 2005

Mohammad Saif

"Energy-Efficient Envelope Design to Achieve Thermal Comfort for School Buildings in Saudi Arabia"

2006/ 2007
In Progress



Raza Ahmed Khan

"Assessment of HVAC Systems Design and Operation for Indoor Air Quality in Saudi Arabia


Abdul Aziz M. Al-Zahrani

"Assessment of Maintenance Management Audit in Large Organizations in the Kingdom"


AbdulKarim Al-Khotani

(King Faisal University)
Ext. Examiner

"Practicality and Economics of Thermal Insulation Retrofitting for Existing Residential Buildings"


Mohammed Fasiuddin

"HVAC System Operation Strategies for Energy Conservation and Thermal Comfort in Commercial Buildings in  Saudi Arabia"

2003- 2005

Saleh Al-Saadi

"Envelope Design for Thermal Comfort and Reduced Energy Consumption in Residential Buildings"

2004- 2006

Muneer Al-Qadhi

"Development of Overall Thermal Transfer Value Equation for Commercial Buildings in Saudi Arabia"

2006/ 2007
In Progress

Ali Mudhi

"Fire Protection Requirements in Saudi Building Code: Development of Guidelines for the Design of Buildings"

2007/ 2008
In Progress


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