ARC 442: Knowledge-Based Systems in Architecture (2 cr.hrs)

Dr. Rabee M. Reffat, Architecture Department, KFUPM  

This course presents an overview of the knowledge-Based Systems and their application in the field of architecture and environmental design. Fundamental concepts, as well as types of knowledge-Based systems are discussed. Case studies in the architectural application of these systems, issues of linking these systems to other information technologies such as CADD, Multimedia, Hypermedia and ontologies, are undertaken.

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                                            Due: Monday - May 29, 2006 at Exam time 12.30 PM

Lecture Notes                             

Unit 1: Introduction (Download PDF)

Unit 2: Nature of Human Knowledge (Download PDF)

Unit 3: Sources of Knowledge (Download PDF)

Unit 4: Nature of Machine Knowledge (Download PDF)

Unit 5: Expert System Lecture (Download PDF)   Quiz 1

Unit 6: Knowledge Acquisition (Download PDF)  Quiz 2

Unit 7: Knowledge Representation (Download PDF)